Estes Park Wildlife News June 16th

This has been an exciting week in wildlife here in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Beyond a band of 6 rams visiting Sheep Lakes mid morning, two days ago there were reports of a Moose wading in one of the sheep lakes. The owls around the Alluvial Fan have fledged and are getting harder to find. Baby elk are all over the park, with one claiming the westbound side of the road on Trail Ridge just past Forest Canyon Overlook, probably enjoying the warm blacktop. Moose have been commonly spotted on the west side of the park, and there are a few reddish brown baby moose as well. There are a lot of birds nesting or starting to nest. The choke cherries are in full bloom lower in the park so there are some great smells as well as the gold banner blooming all over Moraine Park. One of my photo tour high lights was a badger in Moraine Park around mid-day.

I took this photo of the American Badger on June 13th. For information on Photo Safaris or Wildlife and Nature Tours visit
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