Staycations Near Denver

What’s a “staycation?”  It’s a vacation near your home.  And more and more people are looking for that type of vacation as things are getting a little tough financially.  People in Denver and all along the Front Range are wanting to have a vacation while staying near home and Estes Park offers the perfect answer because of the close proximity to the Metro area.   For less than a couple hundred dollars, families can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and find themselves relaxing in the mountain breeze.  Plus, as I-70 becomes more and more packed with traffic, people are seeking alternatives to the congested ski towns.  Crowds of people take to the highways returning to Denver from Summit County every Sunday afternoon often turning I-70 into a virtual parking lot from Dillon to Idaho Springs.

What about Estes Park?  The quaint mountain town offers many of the attractions found in the ski towns at about half the price.  People say that the pace is slower so it’s just easier to relax.  Even in the summer, during the high season, people just seem more laid back.  It’s just part of the culture.  So if you’re looking for lodging Estes Park has it all. From high end condos to one bedroom cabins, there’s something for everyone.